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Why Electric Mopeds are Cool in the Age of Urban Mobility

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Us Kiwis, it's fair to say have a love affair with cars. So much so that we have one of the highest rates of car ownership per capita in the world. It's not uncommon to see mum or dad out on a Sunday with their sixteen year old behind the wheel for the first time. What's less known is that this age group is at the highest risk from accidents causing serious harm to themselves and others. Let's face it, it's a pretty big step to go from riding a bicycle as a toddler to learning how to drive a one tonne vehicle that can travel at more than 100kph. Whilst this "right of passage" for teenagers may be the obvious choice for many, I reckon there's a safer, more fun way to get out and about.

Mopeds have been around for more than fifty years. Designed as a very cheap form of transport they have evolved into very sophisticated and cool vehicles. With a top speed of 50kph mopeds only require a rider to hold a learner licence, current registration and be roadworthy. Mopeds have come such a long way from their humble beginnings that nowadays with increasing urban congestion, reduced speed limits and skyrocketing petrol prices Electric Mopeds make even more sense than before.

Our Zoopa Nova Electric Mopeds come in a range of funky colours, deliver 70-80km range on a 4-6 hour charge using a standard wall socket and cost less than $2.00 per charge -- the cost of ownership, ease of use and not to mention climate friendly footprint is amazing. We are excited to offer Zoopa Electric Mopeds through our online shop. For more information or to arrange a test ride contact us at, chat or on 021 664 483.

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