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Should've Gone To SpecSavers

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Regularly I get asked the question by new riders who have just bought their first motorcycle "What's the best performance upgrade for my bike?" Many of them have already been reading online forums, talking with friends, and of course there are no shortage of opinions (mine included). To their surprise, I do not mention expensive exhausts, engine tuning specialists or anything else that increases the performance gap between their capability and that of their motorcycle.

So my stock answer is always "Invest in you." In its broadest sense this involves regular motorcycle coaching that improves & retains rider skill and reduces the performance gap between them and their motorcycle. This approach to being safe and having fun when riding begins with creating a superhero power - that is being able to "See" much further than ever before.

Why is this so important? Because Looking and Scanning as far ahead as possible helps you identify road conditions and hazards and allows you to make unflustered decisions 'ahead of time'. When riders on our courses start to practice continuously looking 300m, 200m and 100m ahead (far, medium and near distance) their riding becomes honed into a smooth, almost effortless series of discreet decisions and actions. Imagine travelling 300m at 100kph, you will cover the distance in 11 seconds -- not long when you really think about it. So, if you have any doubts about your eyesight then I suggest you head off to your nearest optometrists for a check-up -- $60 spent on unlocking a new superhero power is great value for money.

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