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Why Kiwis of All Ages and Stages Love Their Motorcycles

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Ever heard of Courtney Duncan or Burt Munro? Courtney is an amazing 26 year old Kiwi athlete and three time FIM Women's Motocross World Champion and Burt was 68 when setting a world land speed record on a 47 year-old motorcycle. As our circumstances change, these are just two examples of where motorcycles can take us at any age and stage of our lives. Speaking of which, Covid-19 restrictions have for many of us now created new opportunities in changing our daily lives -- for the better. Public transport being relatively costly has become even less attractive for Auckland commuters due to health concerns shown by the empty buses running to daily schedules I observed for the best part of 100 days. During the last year there have also been a raft of changes made in lowering speed limits across Auckland's road network. Roads within the CBD are now 30kph whilst many rural road speed limits have been reduced to 60kph.

So what do these changes mean and what opportunities do they present? I reckon the answer lies in low cost mobility that is safe, fun and gives you the freedom to explore at the turn of a key. Looking at the Registration data over the last ten years there is a clear upwards trend in new registrations for low powered motorcycles (51cc to 650cc). This data is also supported by what our customers tell us when attending our courses i.e safety, fun and freedom. Not to mention that a 300cc motorcycle will travel 100km on only 3 litres of petrol (about $5.00 at the petrol pump). Do I believe this growth trend is set to continue? Absolutely yes, at Ride Cloud 9 our motto is - Because You Can.

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